Classes will be very limited in size depending on the size of instructional space to ensure proper social distancing standards are met.

COVID Safety Precautions:

Class Size:
Classes will be very limited in size depending on the size of instructional space to ensure proper social distancing standards are met.

Temperature Checks:
Staff temperatures will be checked daily to ensure fever free. Any parent or student permitted entry into the building will also have their temperature checked.

All staff and parents will be asked to wear a mask while in the building. Staff will be masked unless exercising as recommended per guidelines. Masks will be optional for students in the classroom, and not recommended for young children. Per Governor Whitmer’s guidelines, masks do not need to be worn for exercise. Instructors will wear masks at all times except when teaching. Per guidelines, if the mask affects health or performance, they are not required. Furthermore, for young children, the teacher’s use of facial expressions are critical to early childhood development and learning. Our ability to show emotions with our face builds trust, rapport, enhances communication and with all ages is vital for a positive and successful learning experience. If you are not comfortable with this protocol, please consider Virtual learning.

Social Distancing:
To promote physical distancing in the classroom, 7’ marking will be on the floor and on all barres. Across floor work will be performed individually, or by 2 or 3 dancers as space permits.

All Classes have 5 minutes built in to allow for exiting of rooms and sanitizing.

We can not allow food or snacks; they must be eaten prior to entrance. Labeled water bottles. Our drinking fountain has been turned into a hand-washing station.

Class Preparedness:
Students must come dressed ready for class. Dressing areas and showers are closed, and bathrooms are open for urgent use. Please limit personal items coming into the building and have you student bring only necessary items.

Class Observation:
There will be no class observation at this time. When observation if possible, we welcome parents to see their child’s progress in class. Please do not enter any classroom while in session. Cell phones must be silenced or off in the waiting areas. No photography or video of any students or classes is permitted without permission from LFSD staff. Please never interrupt a child’s class to talk with your child. If you need your child’s attention, please ask the instructor before class.

Class Absences:
While we encourage 100% class attendance, we understand that absences are unavoidable at times. If your child misses class, please contact the front desk or his/her instructor for alternative make-up classes. No refunds are issued for missed classes.

COVID Notification:
Please keep your child home if showing any signs or symptoms of illness. Please inform LFSD if your child or any member of your family tests positive with COVID-19 within 14 days of being at LFSD.