LFSD offers something for all ages!
Check out the classes we offer below.


BABY BEARS (Walking to 3)

Baby Bears is designed integrate sensory development, gross motor skills and body exploration with a parent/guardian. A moving child is a learning child!


DISCOVER DANCE (Ages 3 to 4+)

The DiscoverDance Early Childhood Program is a series of Creative Movement classes designed to introduce children to the creative and expressive world of dance. Each program offers children the opportunity to develop their natural movement ability in a multi-sensory environment.



Our TumbleBear class will develop your child’s self-confidence and enhance their physical capabilities. With safety being of utmost importance, our strong curriculum is also designed for the developmental age of your child.  It’s a fun physical, mental, and social experience for your child incorporating a blend of gymnastics (bars, beam, tumbling, and trampoline), music/song and the use of several props that help enhance your child’s focus and abilities such as rhythmic ribbons, hoops, balls, and stuffed animals. 



The Pre-Ballet program is a prelude to formal ballet instruction and introduces children to music and movement through a structured progression that emphasizes creativity and group interaction. ​This class also includes beginning acrobatics to help strengthen and stretch both bodies and minds using fun games, activities and props.


JAZZ (Ages 6+)

Jazz dance is a highly stylized technique that ranges from the isolation of certain body parts to the movement of the entire body with the accents of musical rhythms. The class will explore different characteristics and styles, including street Jazz, percussive, Broadway, contemporary and lyrical. It is fun, challenging and uses age appropriate music. It includes a warmup, acro skills, across the floor drills and a combination. This class is offered in 4 different levels: Jazz 1 (ages 6-8), Jazz 2 (ages 9-11), Middle School (ages 12+), and High School (ages 14+)​.


TAP (Ages 6+)

Tap dance is a type of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. This class is offered in 5 different levels: Tap I (ages 6-7), Tap II (ages 8-9), and Tap III (ages 10-11), Middle School (ages 12+) and High School (ages 14+)​.



Our gymnastic classes will improve your child’s strength, coordination, flexibility and agility. Miss Mykila, our safety certified instructor through USA Gymnastics, will encourage and instruct your child on bars, beam, floor and Tumbl Trak. Her many years as a physical education teacher creates a safe, fun and engaging class where she focuses on helping your child learn proper shaping, drills and basic gymnastic skills.

BALLET (Ages 7+)

Classical Ballet is a highly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary based on French terminology. It is the foundation for most all styles of dance, and is vitally important in the training of dancers. This class is offered in 5 different levels: Ballet 1 (ages 6-7), Ballet 2 (ages 8-9), Ballet 3 (ages 10-11), Middle School (Beg), Middle/High School (Int), and High School (adv).


HIP-HOP (Ages 7+)

Hip Hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements. This class is offered in 3 different levels: Elementary (ages 7+), Middle School (ages 12+), and High School (ages 14+).


GYM BEARS (Ages 7-11)

Gym Bears is the most unique, fun, yet challenging class in the area. Coach Dan was an athlete, (still trains as a boxer), former bodybuilder and wrestling coach. Working for many years with young kids, he saw many couldn’t achieve basic calisthenics like pushups and pull-ups, and designed this class to help. It includes fitness drills, skills and games to help your son make gains in physical athleticism by setting and achieving goals. It builds confidence, coordination, strength, flexibility as well as helps your son learn respect for others and that ” there is no I in TEAM!” This class is offered for two age groups: Gym Bears 1 (ages 5-7), Gym Bears 2 (ages 8-11).


INTRO TO DANCE (Ages 8-12)

This class for new dancers will cover a different style of dance each week; introducing disciplines such as ballet, jazz, hip hop and more!



Contemporary borrows elements from classical, modern, and jazz styles and has become a popular movement technique showcasing strength, agility, and artistry. Contemporary is known for it’s story-telling within the movement. This class is offered in 3 different age levels: Elementary (ages 9+), Middle School (ages 12+), and High School (ages 14+); it is also offered for advanced levels.
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(Int/Adv Levels) Skills and Drills will focus on drills necessary to gain technical ability for executing specific higher level skills for intermediate and advanced dance.

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Adult classes offered in contemporary dance (based off of more traditional techniques), and tap class. Both classes are for new dancers, former dancers, and anyone who wants to have a fun new outlet for energy!