Ludington Location

All dance classes run September 6 – June 10, 2022 with a monthly tuition based on an average of four classes per month (36 weeks).  If there are 5 we don’t refund, and if only 3 we do not credit because the weeks are averaged. This is our dance “year”.  June tuition is charged as “half month tuition” and our dance “year” concludes with our show.. Gymnastics and Gymbear programs run only through May, and are not charged June tuition or costume deposits. 

Fremont Location

All dance classes run September 6, 2022- May 30, 2023. We have a 34 week dance year. We do not charge for June tuition.

Enrollment & Performances! 

We encourage our students to enroll the entire “year” as this is the best way for them to learn the curriculum, develop confidence and work with peers to learn skills beyond the classroom. We will accept new students through January of the dance season and prorate tuition.! For all dance students, our year culminates with two wonderful performance opportunities in our Christmas and spring shows at L.F Peterson Auditorium. Our shows create memories and highlight the technical and artistic growth of each student in beautiful costuming under the radiant stage lights!

Parent Portal and Information

We are happy to offer an amazing parent portal to enroll online, make payments  and keep our families up to date with school information. It’s simple, slick and your best “tool” to stay informed. Always feel free to call us during business hours or email us so we can help you if you have questions! We appreciate our families, and all do our best to serve you.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

If within 30 days at LFSD, you do not feel that your child’s class has met your expectations, you are entitled to a full refund. Our staff is professionally trained and certified with Acrobatic Arts as well as USAG for our gymnastics and tumble bear classes. (Please see staff bios). All staff continue training through master classes, conventions and certification programs; we are confident in our methods, programs, and instructors. and we always do our best to make your experience here at LFSD worth every penny . However, we will always gladly refund your money as well. * Refunds do not include any merchandise, costume deposits or costumes.

Paying Tuition & Payment Policy

Convenient Monthly Auto-Pay System securing your child’s class placement until you notify us otherwise. Just think, no more figuring out WHEN tuition is due! For your protection, your credit card number once entered is not visible. All tuition payments must be made by debit, credit cards or bank account and set up through each family’s portal. Two payment methods MUST be stored on file through your parent portal (Jackrabbit). Methods accepted are bank drafts, debit and credit cards. You will receive an auto-draft reminder when tuition is posted (roughly 10 days before the 1st of each month). If no payment is made by the 5th of each month, your tuition fee will be charged to your primary method on file. If this card is denied, your secondary payment method will be drafted.   *If you choose to un-enroll, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid your card getting charged. Oops! Late Pay, Card Decline, Enrollment Status & Refunds

Late Pay and Card Decline: 

1) If tuition is not paid by the 5th of each month and no one has informed us of dropping a class, all unpaid balances will be charged to your card on file. If both payment methods are denied, a $20 late fee will be assessed. We reserve the right to send unpaid accounts to collections or to seek legal remedy. Because our tuition is based on our dance “year”, if you choose to drop for a month or two and return due to sports, trips etc, you will once again pay the membership fee. 2) Enrollment Status:  We will hold your child’s spot for two weeks with an outstanding balance or late pay after the 10th of month. After that time, we will make our best effort to contact you. If we do not hear from you, your child will be unenrolled. We cannot guarantee her/his spot in the same class if you wish to return, so please keep in touch. We will help in any way possible to keep your child learning and moving! 3) Refunds: We do not give refunds. We do allow make-up classes if there is another appropriate class. 

LFSD Membership Fee 

$20 per student. The membership fee helps offset the cost of our office administration, supplies, and music licensing. If you desire your child to perform in our Christmas and spring shows, we require that they remain enrolled and not jump in and out of enrollment. This is only fair to all students in our school and allows for teamwork and a successful learning experience.  Because our tuition is based on our dance “year”, if you choose to drop for a month or two and return due to sports, trips etc, you will once again pay the membership fee. 

Ludington Athletic Club Membership Family Discount

 ALL LFSD families may also join Ludington Athletic Club with 24 hr. key fob access for a discounted rate of $25 monthly. There is a $10 non-refundable fee for a 24 hr. access key fob. (Not mandatory.) No startup fees! Treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, weight machines and free weights are available to get your work out during your child’s class or any hour of the day! 

Holiday Closing List & Spring Break

Labor Day, Halloween evening, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and holiday break, Good Friday & Easter, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day. We also close for spring break with Ludington Area Schools. 

LFSD Family Tuition Discounts 

 We offer discounts for multiple classes for one child and multiple students from one family. 


*Discounts will come off individual classes.  1st & 2nd class- Full tuition 3rd class- 25% 4th class- 30% 5th class- 35%  6th class- 40% 7+-40%

Tuition Autodraft Schedule

*September tuition is due at the time of registration.  Please make sure your balance is paid in full when you register in order to hold your child’s placement in class. Thank you.  September 5 October 5 November 5 December 5 January 5 February 5 March 5 April 5 May 5 June 5 (Half month prorated Ludington only); Fremont is not charged.

Costume & Performance Fees

Christmas Show– LFSD provides all students with beautiful costuming for Christmas, and posts a  $10 fee to cover organization / cleaning. 

Spring Show Costume Deposit

A costume fee is required for your dancer’s Spring Show costume. Costumes fees are $70 plus tax per class/dance. NOTE: We assume all students will participate in the Spring show. If you dancer will not be performing, you must notify the front desk no later than December 1 or you will be responsible for your costume fee.

Costume Fee Auto-Draft Schedule

November 15 December 15 January 15 February 15 March 15 April 15 (Any remaining costume fees) May 15 (All performance fees) On the dates listed above, we will begin auto-drafting your portal for one costume fee of $70 plus tax per month until all fees have been paid in full. We begin collecting costume payments in November to ensure that we can order costumes in time to prepare them for the Spring show. The number of fees will vary depending on the class(es) your dancer is enrolled. Typically, combo classes will have two fees as they perform two separate performance pieces. Most other classes will only have one deposit. Please refer to your email and portal for this information as it becomes available.

Performance Fee

A performance fee is charged for families based on the number of performance pieces. There is much time and supplies needed to order and professionally organize and distribute each dancer’s special costume beyond the “costume cost” charged. We also have an on-site seamstress for all performances. This fee covers these costs. $10 per Single Class or $15 per Combo Class (Maximum Charge is $30 per family)

Videography Fee 

There is a $20 Christmas fee & $25 spring show fee for Sue Brown Photography charged to each student / family account to receive a DVD from our spring concert. Without this fee, we would not be able to have the professional videography of Sue and Steve Brown to capture our memories. 


Have a question about our tuition or financial policy?


(231) 845-1491


1166 N. Rath Ave.
Ludington, MI 49431


Have a question about our tuition or financial policy?


(231) 845-1491


10 W. Main St.
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